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Trueseal is a specialized company that manufactures the first packaging induction sealer in Korea.
We are developing Induction sealing technology suitable for domestic and abroad production line.


The sealing machine applied to the product where the container and cap are assembled, which is an advantage of induction.
The model can seal the lip of containers in various diameter using non-contact magnetic field of induction heating without any change part.

INDUCTION Capless Sealer

Simultaneously with mechanical pressure and induction output when sealing containers not covered by caps.
The model that seals containers without cap is suitable for dedicated lines such as, round, oval, square, in various sealing shape.

True seal R&D

Trueseal Co., Ltd. is doing continuous efforts on the development of Induction Sealer for the changing packaging patterns and characteristics.

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    Always think of quality first.
    We aim for human-friendly technology.

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