Induction Cap Sealer

(Water Cooled)

Model osts 3000w is the automatic water-cooled cap sealer made in Korea, It is a sealing system designed separately from the main body, head, and cooler.
Sealing range can be up to 20-120mm and has excellent cooling efficiency through self-cooling circulation. It can be installed without restrictions on the site environment due to solid in design. Is suitable for the high production speed of 600 bpm.

  • Applied

    Beverage / Food / Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Lublicants / Dairy / Oil / Healthy Foods / Chemistry / Agrochemical

  • Character

    Cooling self-circulating
    Poor production environment, high speed, durable.
    Head height adjustment (400 mm)
    Movable and Fixture
    Product jamming indication function
    High production speed of 600BPM
    Missing foil detection & rejector

  • Configuration Generator

    Input 220v+/-10%, 1Ph, 50/60Hz ,16Amps

    Output 5KW

    Frequency 40-70KHz

    Size Generator W600mm x D450mm x H600m

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