Trueseal Co., Ltd. is doing continuous efforts in the field of research and development of induction sealer based on changes and characteristics of packaging design.

Major Development Performance

Development of Induction Sealer for 600BPM high speed in Korea's first.

The Sealer, which had been relied on for imports, was replaced with a domestic sealer and installed at a major domestic beverage company.

Korea's first of  big capacity 5KW air-cooled development.

The latest sealer with IT capabilities exclusively for high-speed and overseas exports.

Capless sealer development (Megazine/Roll type).

Automatic, Semi-Automatic, No change part specification.

Development of Induction sealing head for the bottle lip of rectangula shape.

oval shape , square shape, atypical shape, and metal containers.

Development of Micro sealing head for micro sized hole.

Small size, bio-medical, etc. precision sealing requirements.

Development of a gas absorbent sealing head.

Toothpaste and tube sealer development.

Dependent on imports, replace 100% domestic.

Development of a yogurt sealer.

Development of Water-Cold and Non-Water-Cold Type.

Development All in one Head (Neck Dia.20-120mm).