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Our company specializes in manufacturing, for packaging, induction sealing devices using high frequency induction heat. Induction facilities, which had been dependent on imports, were developed for the first time in Korea 25 years ago, and the induction sealer to meet with various production environments is supplied to the product lines of major companies in Korea

Based on experience and know-how accumulated in all processes of product Request-Development-Test-Production, we provide  ONE-STOP optimized induction tech.,machine and sealing film in assembled.

Through continuous development, 600BPM sealer of high speed production line was installed.
Our product is supplied and exported, by OEMs & ODM, to packaging mfr. in domestic and overerseas.
We will try to think and act from the user's point of view with the goal of technology develop.,and trust.

Trueseal family will always do its best. Please give us a lot of support.
Thank you.