Induction Capless Sealer

(Magazine & Roll film)

Model TODA-1000CL models are suitable for dedicated container production lines and are applied to products requiring precision sealing. Depending on the shape of the film, there are types of facilities of the MAGAZINE, ROLL TYPE 2. MAGAZINE / ROLL TYPE. Change part model according to container type and No change part model are available.

  • Applied

    Cosmetics / Food / BioMedical / Pharmaceutical / Engine oil / Agrochemical / Glass bottle / Metal container

  • Character

    Customerised Sealing Head
    Stable sealing
    Easy to change size
    Easy operation management
    Be durable
    ption : Auto size checker
    Magazine / Roll type

  • Configuration Generator

    Configuration Generator Generator, Sealing head, Machine part

    Input Separate Consultation / Production

    Output Separate Consultation / Production

    Size Generator Separate Consultation / Production

    Weight Separate Consultation / Production

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